here we go again

Blogs are nothing new to me. I created my first of now three blogs on March 4, 2009 because my dad had told me that it would be a good idea if I wanted to get into journalism. He was my only follower. However, as much as I rolled my eyes at him at the time, I am finding now that he was right. Everyone I know has a blog, whether it be for class, for a profession or just to journal about their lives. This one is strictly for my journalism multimedia class at the University of Missouri. If you want to check out my online portfolio be my guest.

I wish I could say that I kept up with writing more. Starting at 8 years old up until sophomore year of high school I have kept journals. There are so many stacks in my closet I’m almost afraid to open the doors anymore in fear of a literary avalanche.

Time and drained energy from high school eventually caught up with me and I stopped writing. I wish I hadn’t because I lost the opportunity to write about some of the most memorable moments of my life – mostly beginning during senior year. I have tried several times to go back and fill in the blank pages but how can you rewrite four years of your life? The thought is a little daunting, even for me. So, I began blogging. Or so I thought. I created lists of great blog posts I wanted to write but never actually got around to.

College is a wonderfully distracting place with too much fun stuff to do and sadly not enough time to do all of it. I’m hoping by having this blog for class it’ll motivate me to update and write more on my other blogs. Who knows? I might even buy a new journal.


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