Blogging 101

I’m not going to lie. Blogging has confused me for a long time. Why are there so many blogs? We don’t need 300 different posts on how to lose weight, what crazy things happened over spring break or rants about every day life. I searched through tons of blogs and while a few were, as I suspected, utterly useless, some were actually really interesting and I found myself wanting to read more.

So, what makes a blog unique? What tools draw people in and make them want to follow more closely? Here are my 5 musts for blogging.

1. Keep the blog organized. If I can’t browse your page for whatever reason, it’s not worth my time and most likely not anyone else’s. Organization not only makes it easier but also shows you know how to use drop down menus and other more professional aspects. Do the “grandmother test.” If your grandmother can’t navigate your site, then you need to simplify. And fast.

2. Bump up the color and themes on your page. Nobody wants to see a blank white page. If you’re not a theme kind of person, at least put in photos or graphic design to keep it visually interesting. Why do you think food and dessert blogs are some of the most read? Nobody can turn down a picture of a delicious homemade brownie. Try it, I dare you.

3. Add some personality. Professional blogs can be fun too y’know! Resumes are bland and lifeless lists of facts. Blogs may have similar info as your resume but you can use voice and creativity to give people a sense of your character. If you’re interested in something, blog about it. Writing is always stronger when it is about something you’re passionate about. Who knows? Your stamp collection hobby might set you apart enough to land you that dream job. Stranger things have happened.

4. Keep the blog updated. Ok, I am guilty of not following this rule. It is hard in a hectic life to remember to keep blogging. Sometimes we don’t have the time and sometimes we just don’t have anything to say. But, write as often as you can and on those days when you DO have a lot to say, write multiple blogs and publish them for future dates so you don’t have to worry about it later.

5. Lastly, have fun with it. It is obvious when you look at a blog which people actually have interest in blogging and which are doing it drudgingly. There are thousands of creative features to blogging – mess around and splash some color on your page. We won’t judge the secret computer-nerdiness in you.

Check out a great example blog here.


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