the wonders of social media

Ok, so I’ll admit it. I’m a Facebook addict. I don’t love posting about my life every minute or stalking people I haven’t seen in years. I just love the photos. I think it is fun to scroll through the photos people have taken, see their perspectives and what’s going on in their life. I guess that’s the cool thing about photography, it captures a moment. A moment we might have missed otherwise. Then there’s social media to share these moments with people who weren’t blessed enough to be there themselves.

I can’t imagine a world without internet. Without Facebook. I grew up in this technology-obsessed generation and it would be a culture shock to live in anything but. The closest I came to such a lifestyle was when I was in junior high, stuck in an apartment with no internet and no cable, while our house was being built. I had to write letters and send them halfway across the United States in order to communicate with my friends. Why didn’t I just call them, you ask? No landline phone and no cellphone reception. It. Was. Hell.

Now, I have hundreds of people I can talk to at my fingertips. I can create groups for study sessions or plan an event and know who’s coming just through the click of a button. Connecting to friends, family and employers has never been easier. A teacher once said to me, “Facebook is the past, Twitter is the present and LinkedIn is the future.” I’ve never heard a more accurate statement. And, for all of you who still have trouble deciphering the different kinds of social media: here’s my favorite cheat sheet.



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