where the hell is matt?

In 2008, a video went viral on youtube called “Where The Hell Is Matt?” This video showed one man travel to 42 countries around the world and dancing. He dances in the rainy streets of Zanzibar, the shores of Christmas Island, Australia and in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. At first he is alone, and then suddenly a group of people join in his dance with him. The video was created in order to promote the message of dancing and laughing together, united.

However, at a convention in California, Matt jokingly told the audience that the whole video was a hoax. While, the presentation was obviously said with a humorous tone, many people took him seriously. They looked at the video and decided that the background was a green screen and Matt never even left the United States. He apparently never even left the studio.

I don’t believe this is true. The people were touching him and dancing with him in such realistic clarity. I know that cinemetography and graphics are incredibly lifelike these days but the video could not have been a fake. The people give it away. And so they did, when someone finally posted a behind the scenes video of Matt filming.

Still, this whole “controversy” made me wonder. How can we tell anymore what is real or fake without evidence? Videos can be completely animated but the animation looks as clear and crisp as real life. 3D movies have exploded, transforming our basic movie theaters into a world of action, sci-fi and imagination. Even commercials are affected – selling a product for “perfect skin” when in fact the actors are being photoshopped to have clearer skin, whiter teach and unachievable body proportions. When will society distinguish what is reality between what is fantasy? When will the two worlds collide?


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