When I was looking up photoshop editorials, I stumbled upon some interesting multimedia pieces on photoshop and the distortion of image in society – something we can see on magazine shelves and billboards. All three of these pieces show the before and after effects of makeup and image enhancement but in completely different ways. Model Morphosis incorporates an image slider with the enhanced image on top of the “before” photo so viewers can literally drag a bar across and reveal the new/old face. I’ve never seen any interactive image like this and the effect was astounding.

The second multimedia piece I found is actually a Dove campaign ad, “Evolution of Beauty.” It uses the time lapse function in order to speed up the process and show the dramatic makeover changes done to the model within a seemingly long amount of time. This campaign was built to show how what we see in magazines and billboards is not real, and women should be confident in how they look instead of looking up to these false images of beauty. By using video and time lapse, the ad is much more effective and visually capturing.

The last video I found was a documentary from the producers of which interviews a professional photographer and retoucher and a clinical nutritionist. The documentary is a lot longer than the Dove campaign ad, but is filled with more content. Photos are taken of the reporter and her images go through professional photoshop hands to show how much is retouched. According to the photographer about 99.9 percent of images in magazines are retouched. Next, the interviewer talks to a nutritionist about the effects these unattainable images are having on women (such as eating disorders).

All three multimedia pieces have the same message and content, but present it in completely different fashions. Women should love their bodies for how they are and society should stop pressuring us to reach an unrealistic image of beauty. Confidence is more important than cover-up.


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