Morphing the Media

Ever since the recession started and word of newspaper companies “imminent doom” spread, I feel like there has been a common fear among budding journalists that their profession will soon be extinct. No print media journalism? What are we to do?

While I can’t exactly predict the outcome of newspapers, I do know that the magazine industry is still thriving. Magazines, unlike newspapers, have very distinct categories. For instance, magazines specialize in travel, fashion, cars, business, health, homes and gardens, etc. Newspapers all report on the same subject: news. This specialization draws people in and gives them an outlet for their individual interests – thus keeping subscription numbers up and a steady reader interest.

Another reason why there is this constant worry for print journalism is due to the massive boom in multimedia and online media. Webpages are expanding to include multimedia pieces, blogs, twitter feeds and so on. Newspaper and magazine apps are appearing so readers can now flip through the magazine right on their iPads. One home and garden magazine features a picture on the print magazine would appear as a video on the iPad version. (Example: print – a cover picture of a chocolate fondue fountain, iPad magazine app – cover picture of the chocolate fondue fountain in motion). With all this new focus on the “techie” side, it is a common worry that print will no longer be needed.

Although the merge of print and multimedia/online based journalism can be difficult and at times unnerving, it does inspire more creativity and modern technological ideas. These innovations mirror the advances of our time and should only expand the popularity and productivity of the media world, not extinguish it.


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