writing on the fly

Blogging seems to get very popular when people travel. It can record what we see and do, our feelings and our adventures in a new and exciting place. The coolest thing is, looking at the different formats people tend to bring up. For instance, some people blog through instagram – photographing their way through a country, others take video and others simply write.

Now with the wordpress apps (and the growing appearance of similar apps) allow you to blog right from the spot – as long as you have some sort of internet connection. What a relief to not wag the computer around everywhere, these things get heavy!

What I wish somebody would figure out is how to get internet access on a plane – without having to pay for it. Airlines in America are built on profit and in return, screwing over their customers. You want pretzels? Fork over $5 please. Internet? Sure sir, I just need your credit card and life savings. But what if we didn’t have to worry about lost signals, roaming charges, and never having 3G that is actually a decent speed.

I think the Europeans have it right – their flights are cheap, their trains high speed, and their internet cafes numerous. They have mastered the idea of efficiency and technology. Tell me America, do you have an app for that?


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