a time for technology

Almost every day we hear the term “there’s an app for that,” but it just hit me how true that statement really is. Today I was browsing Facebook and I found this post:

“I simply love technology! Putting up shelves and didn’t have a level, so I just downloaded one on my phone and used that!”

I think we take it for granted how much we use our phones – on a 15 hour trip to Florida over Spring Break, our GPS decided to lose signal (granted, this was on a backroad in middle of nowhere Alabama). What were we to do? Pull out our phones and use the map app.

IPhone 4 gave us Seri – a techno personal assistant who will answer literally any question you might need to ask. Where is the next gas station? What is there to eat around here? She even has a sarcastic answer to any jokingly sexual question with, “I’m not that kind of personal assistant.” Anything you want to know is at the tip of your fingertips, and all you have to do is press a button and ask.

Now, the industry spits out new products every few months – keeping us all anxiously awaiting the next gadget, the new “cool” item to hit the market. But what else could they possible think of? I bet if we dropped our IPhone back in the 1800s they’d think it’s a gift from god. We have come so far, but how much farther can we go?

We watched a video a while back in class of these flying drones that could record (video and audio) as a tool for journalists to collect information in potentially dangerous locations. These robots can be programmed to work in group formations or independently. There is now an Ipad program that allows you to hold the Ipad in front of a picture in the newspaper and on the Ipad screen, that picture will turn into a video. A girl behind me exclaimed, “Holy shit! It’s like Harry Potter!” What we deemed only possible in a magical realm is now actually possible – and as with everything else in our generation, easily available and accessible.

So where do we go from here? Holograms? Transporters? I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see. Who knows, we might be the next generation of the Jetsons.


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