I was reading through the newspaper this morning (it was one of those rainy mornings, complete with strong coffee and the Times), when I noticed how helpful infographics are. Instead of using up half a page with paragraphs describing research statistics, it was summed up in a basic bubble graph.

My anthropology professor always stressed the importance of communication and visual responses to the human species — it just hit me how right he is. We are a people attracted to color and designs. When you look at the front page of the paper, the first thing you notice is the big blocky colored photo in the middle of the page. Infographics capture us the same as those images – except they express a lot more factual information.

Made to be simple and visually stimulating, infographics draw us in and present easy-to-access information. I hope that in future graphic design classes, professors will teach us how to create the different types of infographics to further explain our main story. Without them, our feature is just a couple boring columns of black text with a complete lack of visual appeal. Who would want to read that?


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