an interesting lunch date

I had a meeting late yesterday afternoon with my editor and for once, I went home feeling victorious and proud. She told me that I handled the interview well, asked the right questions, and the pitches I had thought up (even though they weren’t in my section of town) would be great to file away for later when I reached the neighborhood they’re in.

She also told me to go on a casual coffee-run with him and be down to earth. Listen to him ramble and talk about whatever subjects interest him. Sometimes the story is more about the person, himself, not the award they get or the job they have. I thought the personal touch would be a cool twist to the profile.

So we met up at D. Rowe’s, his favorite restaurant, for a beer (well, for him that is) and ended up talking for an hour and a half. He’s such an interesting guy. Loves Seinfeld, did stand up for a bit at Deja Vu, sits up in the press box during the games – sometimes bringing his mom. It was actually more comfortable in a laid-back bar setting than a stick-straight office interview.

I’ll keep the casual setting idea for future reference – people tend to speak more freely and passionately than they would otherwise. Easier conversation, better quotes. Check and check.


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