a weighty shift

Somebody book me a vacation to Bora Bora, I need some beach medication.

GA shift #2 today completely wore me out. I literally don’t think I’ve ever been this exhausted and stressed. First off, it was raining when I woke up for my 8 a.m. shift. Automatically, this makes me drowsy. Rain is not a good motivator. And I was out of coffee – an issue that the one dollar in my wallet could not help me with. #brokecollegekidproblems

This is how my day went:

8:30-9:30 Beat meeting, which went well, although many students didn’t show up. Tisk, tisk.

9:30-10:45 Journalism lecture.

11:00-12:00 Walked into the Missourian and practically screamed “I WANT A STORY TODAY!” I told you, I am determined this time. Answering my prayers, Liz gave me a story. A possible feature story. I’m excited, a feature opportunity! I’m covering the return of a 1917 Toledo Scale to the Boone County National Bank.

12:00-1:30 Italian class & lunch

1:30-2:00 Phone interview #1 with Mary Wilkerson (she’s a very enthusiastic person, the interview was fun).

2:00-3:15 Went to see the scale at the bank. Yes, I did weigh myself. But, all jokes aside, this is where I ran into my first ETHICAL DILEMMA. The bank employees felt they had to hover around the photographer and I. It’s not like we were going to break or steal anything, but we couldn’t convince them otherwise. The photographer was waiting in hopes that a customer would stop in and randomly weigh something – a great candid photo-op for the story. When the roughly 70-year-old Grumpy Receptionist heard about it, she decided to go around asking customers to volunteer for the photo then proceeded to drag a man over. We tried to tell them that we couldn’t use staged photos. It’s against the policy and it’s unethical. They didn’t understand and continued to pressure us until finally, the photographer used the magical words “Excuse me, let me ask my editor.” When the phone went to voicemail, we had to take matters into our own hands and stand firm that this was not acceptable. I felt rude saying it to somebody who was trying to help (even though Grumpy Receptionist was rather pushy and irritating), but I just didn’t feel comfortable in that situation. I’d rather have a simple, legit photo than an interesting albeit staged one that could question our morals.

3:30-7:30 Interviewed, “wrote like the wind” (in Liz’s words), edited and accuracy checked.

This brings me to now, crashed out on my couch blogging about my exhilarating yet exhausting day. My Nana would be proud: I’m going to crawl into my pajamas and into bed. It’s only 9:00. Welcome to the Missourian.


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