back to… high school?

I went back to high school today. Weird, right? The funniest part is I got hopelessly lost. I’ve never been in Rock Bridge High School before, so little did I know the place is like a labyrinth. None of the room numbers are in order and there are like 50 figure eights in the building design. I had to call the teacher from inside the school just to get directions to her classroom — when she came to find me at what I had said was the counseling center, she walked right by me because apparently it was the counseling administration room. Silently cursing the architect who built this school and whoever named and numbered the rooms.

Other than the directionally challenged start, the interview went great! She brought me to the EEE center for gifted students and we talked for an hour about how she started Rock Bridge Reaches Out and how she combined her love for volunteering with her teaching career.

You know an interview was great, when you walk out smiling – and that’s exactly how I left high school.


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