Road Trip to Indy

This next week I will be out of school because I will be interning with the Society of American Travel Writers at its conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. I couldn’t be more excited. For one, I’ve never been to Indianapolis before so spending a week exploring sounds wonderful. Secondly, I have the opportunity to network with freelancers, editors and PR people in the field I dream of joining after graduation.

Other than networking, I and the other three interns will be writing and photographing for the daily newsletter. One intern, Miranda, is also from MU and will be carpooling with me, while the other two are from Indiana University.

The conference will hold workshops and panels in the mornings to discuss everything from business to social media to multimedia. In the afternoon and evening we will break off into smaller groups to go on an excursion of our choice. Some of these adventures include: riding in an Indy car, touring the zoo, and a behind-the-scenes taste of Indy’s famous chocolate shops.

Even though I won’t be at the Missourian, I’ll keep you posted : )


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