Indy: Day 2

This morning, we jumped on a bus and rode over to Indianapolis Motor Speedway to hear a speech from keynote speaker and jeopardy champ Ken Jennings. The interesting thing is that his speech focused on his love for maps and the international explorer within him, instead of his jeopardy experiences.

After the speaker and lunch, we went to the media tower where we had meetings, speed dating style. PR people each had a certain spot at a table and we were given a list of what each were. Then we had ten minutes with each to go around, ask questions and network at the stations of our choice.

Of course, I went straight to the international spots: focusing on the UK and  Europe. But then, I looped back to all of the U.S. companies that inspired me, such as, San Francisco Tourism, Florida publications, Colorado ski magazines, and of course a few publications based in my hometown East Coast of Boston and New York. It was so cool to see the differences between each company and how social media, online publications and networking contribute to the expansion of PR companies and publications.

We even had a little fun kissing the bricks and riding in a pace car before heading back to the “Big Blue.”


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