Indy: Day 4

Today we had a half day tour of our choice, and I picked the Indy Experience. You can imagine my mom’s dismay when I told her I was going to be going 180 in an Indy car at the Indianapolis Speedway. But don’t worry, I survived!

We got a behind-the-scenes tour of how Indy cars are manufactured from shipping to welding to assembling. Then we got a brief history behind racing and even got to drop in a driving module to see how it feels to be behind the wheel.

Finally, the exciting part came around: we got to sit in the back seat and race around the track. So, we suited up (pictures soon to come) and jumped in. It was the most exhilarating feeling – smooth on the straights and scary on the turns.

But anyway, to the journalism part of my day. My focus for the newsletter articles are on the food in Indy – so the progressive dinner through White River State Park was a must. At every location (the zoo, the NCAA building, and two museums) we had a different taste of Indy. You can read my newsletter blurb here.


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