multimedia project

This week marks the start of our semester multimedia project! My partner, Julie, and I sat down to brainstorm story ideas and landed a really good one – focusing on a behind-the-scenes look at Truman the Tiger. We both are so curious about how students can apply to be Truman, why it is such a honored position and what Truman means to the community as a whole.

We got ahold of Susan Thompson – who takes care of the cheerleading team and the mascot. We both want to blend video and audio slideshow in the project. Video of Truman running in the stadium at the beginning and running out or dancing at the end. In the middle would be still photos and audio of Susan talking because there are rules against Truman speaking or revealing his (the student’s) identity.

The subject would appeal to both MU and Columbia’s community – hopefully it turns out as well as we envision it to be.


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