the upside

I’m a firm believer in looking at the positive side of things, even when I’m.. well.. as I said this morning, haggard. The earlier post was rather depressing — so here’s the upside of today.

1. My first community beat feature on Clear 99 co-host’s marconi nomination was published online! It hasn’t come out in print yet, but still exciting!

2. Katherine Reed, my Missourian lecture professor, pointed the article out in class and said how it was great and that she enjoyed reading it.

3. Apparently (I wasn’t there, unfortunately) the story was also discussed in the budget meeting.

4. Got a shout-out and tweet-reply in the budget meeting from the community outreach director for tweeting at the Missourian about my article.

5. Sources finally contacted me back!

6. Ate lunch – which is usually a rare occurrence. Holla at me, Which Wich!

7. Just realized that Christmas is exactly 3 months away.

Be merry, Columbia.


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