Missourian Weekend Shift

Today is my Missourian weekend shift from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. When I walked in the newsroom, there was one person here: a photographer. I had a moment to freak-out thinking maybe I’m late or I had the wrong day. Half an hour later, ACE Zach walked in and laughed when he saw my face collapse in relief.

There are two things I didn’t realize about weekend shifts. One, I didn’t know there would only be about three people in the newsroom: a GA student, an ACE and a few random people doing work. I expected it to be as busy and buzzing as it is during our weekday GA shifts. The laid back weekend shifts are nice because they aren’t stressful. The football game flickered on a TV in the corner while the police scanner hummed silently, instead of its usual incessant blaring.

I also didn’t realize how slow weekend shifts can be and I ran into the problem I’ve been having lately of not getting a story. I told Zach my worry: I’ve only published one story from four GA shifts (including this shift). He told me he’d try his best to find something for me today, but it would be difficult with the sports game going on. We listened to the scanner, jumping in excitement every time a police officer’s voice ran through. I ended up working on a schedule for the paper next week, but I think for the future I’m going to sign up for breaking news – then I know for sure I’ll be working and publishing stories.


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