orientation project

This whole post is dedicated to my orientation project. We have to go find five people and get two story ideas from each then take photos with three of them. Oh, and create a google map. The google map part was easy — so that’s not what this post is about. It’s about the struggles of physically going into town and finding interesting, relevant people to do profile stories on.

First, I took my editor Jeanne’s advice, and went to Clover’s Natural Market and looked on their bulletin boards. I started taking photos with my iphone of any fliers, business cards or posts I thought would be interesting. Then, I went to a dog park – but found nothing but 20 crazy dogs and 20 even crazier owners. On my way out of the dog park in Northeast Columbia, I decided to stop in Ellis Fischel Cancer Center and low and behold, I got two great story ideas! One was about an 89 year old woman who has volunteered there for 28 years! Another, was about an employee who is a “house-mother” for three girls from different countries or sides of the U.S. (one from Canada, one from Pennsylvania, etc.)

Honestly, I think some of this was luck of the draw but it was a helpful lesson to learn that if you go out and talk to people, sometimes you get shut down, but other times you might stumble upon a gem in the rough.


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