multimedia photo shoot 1

So today was a bust. We’re tracking Truman but let me tell you, he is one sneaky tiger. We finally got ahold of a his schedule and so Julie and I stopped by the student center from 10:30-12 to shoot photos…. but he never showed up! I asked around, and everyone got so excited when I said I was looking for him, but alas no tiger.

Luckily, Truman was also scheduled for a soccer game that night at 6:30 — which was the same time I had to go to the Business Loop to take an iphone photo with an orientation source at the Parkade Center. I don’t know how I did it but somehow I figured out in the space of a few hours how to transport myself. Just kidding, but I did manage to make both meetings. I booked it to the Parkade Center, got my photo and ran to the soccer stadium just in time for the second half.

I didn’t realize how hard it was to take photos at night, even with a good camera. See, Truman moves… a lot. So the problem was: when I set the aperture so the photos weren’t dark, his motions were blurred but if I altered the shutter speed, the aperture adjusted and the photos stopped his motions clearly but the photo was dark. Unfortunately, I feel like the photos I got weren’t that great. I really hope I can get better photos in the other daytime events.


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