multimedia project: alzheimer’s walk

Today Julie and I enjoyed the beautiful sunshine in Stephen’s Lake Park, taking photos and audio of an Alzheimer’s walk lead by Truman. I feel like sometimes we as journalists get so caught up in the job of it that we forget what it’s like to have fun while in the field. Well, today I rekindled that fire, metaphorically speaking. We both were so stressed about something going wrong that when we started taking photos they were unfocused and shaky thanks to our nerves. But then, as Truman was leading the walk, I looked at a playground set, grabbed Julie and tugged her up the steps, past screaming toddlers to the top tier. It was a great overview of Truman leading the progression — and Julie and I were reminded about how much we could do with photography: angles, lighting, depth, the list goes on.

From then on, we didn’t work with the camera, we played with it. That’s when we got our best shots. At the end of the day, we walked casually around the park and it was relaxing. I think that if I can get that feeling of enthusiasm and fresh perspective with my reporting, then my writing will be a lot livelier in return.


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