words of wisdom

This morning, Liz used me as an example for the newsroom. She told the others to reach out to her as I did but also to learn from my mistake and double check your pitches. It was nice to hear her constructive criticism. Anyway, the rest of my GA shift was pretty busy because I was working on a story about a new Litton Lecture coming to campus. You can view my article here.

As I was editing the story with an ACE, Liz gave me some more advice. I was getting frustrated with some of the things that the ACE was changing so quickly and critically. She told me the one thing she wished an editor had told her was to “never take editing personally.” The more I thought about it, the more I realized how right she was. Even if it seems rather harsh, they’re editing to improve your writing not to make stabs at you. The more you learn from them, how they look at writing, what they do to fix it and clean it up, the better your writing will be. From now on, I’m going to think about Liz’s words of wisdom when I go in for editing.


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