Epic Mineral Beauty interview

I met up this rainy morning at 11 a.m. to sit down and have a cup of Starbucks coffee with two identical twins who are starting their own all-natural make-up line called Epic Mineral Beauty. They were so much fun to meet – Kaylen (the nine minutes younger and blond twin) was very urban and loves fashion and marketing. Meanwhile, her twin, Lauren couldn’t be the more opposite – besides her brunette hair. She is very earthy and all-natural. She experiments with ingredients to create the makeup while her sister, who lives in Kansas City, markets it.

I decided not to record the interview but part of me wishes I had because as I was writing sometimes I lost track of who was saying what. The twins often overlapped what they were saying, agreeing with each other and occasionally joking around or bantering. But it was so much fun learning what goes into creating makeup, listening to their childhood and their creative and artistic perspectives. I can’t wait to do more observations on the story.


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