Four hours later…

This morning after lecture, Julie and I sat in Lee Hills Hall until 3:00, finalizing our project with our TA, Anne. We matched all the photos to the audio, edited, cut and repeat over and over until we finally had a project we agreed about. The funny thing is, as we were finishing up (Julie and I were so exhausted at this point), we couldn’t get the video to save to iTunes as a movie. Then all of our content erased. The two of us started hyperventilating — after all, that was easily 12+ hours of editing we had done. While all of our back files on Audacity did in fact delete, the project had finalized to a movie in iTunes only moments before.

Now, this time we hadn’t done anything wrong. My computer has a vendetta against Audacity and cannot read any of the saved files. I don’t know how to fix it, but I feel like the multimedia TA I had last semester should’ve introduced us to some better program alternatives. Also, I retrospect, I wish my multimedia TA from last semester had taught us better in the first place since there are so many things about cameras and software that other kids know from their classes that my teacher seemed to blank on when it came to my class. The J-school should really look into making sure their TAs know how to teach equipment instructions… it’s much different than just teaching in general.


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