next semester schedule!! WOOT!

Today I put in my forms for magazine classes for next semester. I’M SO EXCITED!!! Finally, classes on editing, InDesign and intermediate writing! It’s insane that this semester is really halfway done. I feel like I’m reaching the long haul. October is always the hardest month and even the teachers agree that there needs to be a break in between these long 15 straight weeks. But now that I am signing up for classes I feel like it’s almost over, like I am reaching the end. I have learned so much from the Missourian, but I am so excited for a semester where I don’t have a 3 credit “job” to stress over every single day. I never thought I’d say this, but I actually MISS STUDYING. What?! Yes, I miss opening a book, reading text, and taking a normal test. With grades. Legit. grades. Lately, I’ve been freaking out because in the Missourian you kind of have to take an honest look at yourself and judge what grade you have, otherwise it’s up in the air. They don’t tell you “oh hey, you have a (insert grade here)” like other classes.

This is my Octoberitis talking I know, but everyone has one extra tough month and sometimes you just have to rant about it and look forward to that light at the end of the tunnel.


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