Late night reporting

After my productive GA shift, the day still wasn’t over. At 8:30 I went to Broadway Brewery to meet up with a photographer for my story on piano player Zane. That night from 8-11 they were hosting a live improvisation Jazz Jam. I went and observed, took notes about the lighting, the audience, the players while the photographer snapped away.

I know this is a tangent, but I love jazz music. It’s got a vibe, a life to it that other music just doesn’t have. Someone actually asked if I was a singer by the way I was tapping my fingers and humming along. I liked sitting there and writing whatever came to mind. I didn’t have to think about structure or subject. If I wanted to describe the man in the black striped fedora I could. One page of notes quickly became five and growing. When I left, I was relaxed (thanks to the music and the dark bar) and happy with the collection of fluid thoughts in my notes.


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