Epic observations

At 9:30 this morning, I picked up a photographer and we drove half an hour out to Clark to visit Lauren Byington, who created an all-natural makeup line, Epic Mineral Beauty, with her identical twin Kaylen. In an email, Lauren stated that she lived in the “boonies,” which I didn’t believe until I drove a mile down a dirt road to get to her little blue house.

We stayed two hours, much longer than I had intended — but that was a good thing. I really got to understand who she is, more than just her business. I met her clan of five dogs, explored her Pinterest-inspired interior designed house and even walked through a little bit of her 170 acres of land to a lake where she plans on building a “green” (eco-friendly) cabin with her husband Warren. We talked about the child she is expecting in March and her love of art. All of her makeups are named after inspirational women in her life, like her mother, grandmothers and friends.

I want to write this article so people can feel like they’ve know her themselves. Kaylen lives in Kansas City so I only met her once, but after this, I feel like I’ve gotten to know both sisters better. I can’t wait to write the story and I hope that what I write does the twins justice, they’re both so incredible and I had a blast with them.


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