Hurricane Sandy

If you haven’t heard of Hurricane Sandy, you must live under a rock. During GA, everyone focused on localizing the storm. As Liz said, when a massive storm like this comes in, you start thinking about everyone who it affects. Even if the person is a friend of a friend of a sister’s brother’s wife. It doesn’t matter. But for me, I didn’t have to think of a friend I barely knew. I live outside of Boston and everyone I know is on the East Coast where Sandy is flooding, ripping and shredding up the coast.

While everyone else worked on localizing the storm, I picked today to work on an article about Amy Stephenson, the owner of Get Lost Bookstore downtown. She’s returning to painting by creating an profile. I spent the day talking with her in her shop and organizing with photo to get a shot of her. I am an art-lover so this story was very interesting and fun for me to write. The only thing is: I felt a bit bad writing about that story while everyone else was running around doing Sandy ho-haah. But part of me wouldn’t be able to focus if I were them because the whole time I’d be thinking about my own situation. I’m worried about my house and scared for my friends. While on lunch break, I watched a video from my local newspaper of all the trees down in my town and the rain pouring. I know I may have missed a reporting experience during a super-storm, but part of me feels like I would’ve been biased because I am so personally affected.


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