dream opportunity

There is an MU alum who works for Jetsetter, an online travel guide and membership website whom Liz mentioned her yesterday during my GA shift and showed me her Missourian bio as an example for me. I told her how working for a place like Jetsetter would be a dream and she said send me your resume and I’ll refer you to her.

I worked on updating my resume all night, even letting my roommate look it over (Steph, you’re the best!). I’m so excited to hear back from her and look into this awesome internship opportunity. Working for a travel company or publication has been a dream and to actually know someone in the industry is a blessing.

I am so glad I have gotten to know Liz, not just because of the doors she has opened for me but also because of everything I have learned from her. I think I know now what my main advice to younger grades is going to be when coming into the Missourian: get to know your editors. It may seem scary at first but don’t be afraid to mess up, they are there to help and they will teach you the most out of everyone and everything.


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