hiking Appalachians

I spent this past weekend in Kansas City, getting away from the world for a little bit and it was a fantastic break. But I left early today so I could meet up with Caleb at Khaldi’s at 5:15. Caleb is 23 and plans on hiking the Appalachian Trail starting in April. The over 2,000 mille trek from Georgia to Maine is going to take roughly five months. My interview with him went exactly how I wanted it to: it was casual, coffee conversation. I like these better because it’s not an awkward choppy interview. This way, they can openly talk to you and say what comes to mind — which usually produces the best quotes.

For instance, Caleb talked to me about the two must-haves for his trip: a journal and a camera. The journal was an Emerson and Thoreau inspiration to enjoy nature for it’s beauty and peace. Because of this, he’s considering leaving his cell phone behind and getting away from technology. He’s bringing his camera because he studied art and photography and loves to use the environment as a subject.


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