A tasteful interview

I was really lucky today with the photography department. I had set up an interview with Shelly, a chef who owns her own cooking class and catering company called Sorella Natural Foods tonight at 5:30. We were planning on taking photos of one of her in-home private cooking classes but alas her client declined… at the very last minute. In a rush, I asked the photography department if anyone would be available tonight to go with me to Shelly’s house and get photos of her cooking. Luckily, there was a photographer available, and one I know quite well. She and I drove out to Jeff City and watched Shelly cook one of her all-natural, vegan meals and even got to taste it too! Chefs have always been interesting subjects to be. It’s inspiring how creative they are with food and how they can mix combinations of different ingredients to come up with a new dish.


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