Whatta dilemma

I really don’t want to write about today. So here it is in bullet version.

  • I set up ANOTHER interview with the pants lady for 4:00
  • TRAX went down, deleted my photo request. So after one month of planning this photo shoot, I don’t have a photographer.
  • Got there, did the interview and realized: This story really isn’t worth it.
  • I just wasted a month trying to get this story to work but you know what, I don’t have enough “human interest” in this story. So it’s going to end up like a business ad and I don’t want to get in trouble for promotional writing.
  • I’m tired and I have better things to do. Like three other great stories to finish instead of worrying about this one.
  • Lesson: sometimes, you just have to let a story go. Not all of them work out.

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