thank god it’s Friday!

I’m waiting for boarding to begin in CoMo Airport so this will have to be a brief post. Hope you don’t mind bullets!

  • 10:30 It’s been a crazy morning, including picking up my (still broken) car at the auto shop, going to class and then…
  • 1:30 meeting with Jeanne! I think she can feel my excitement a) because I’ve cranked out these stories b) because I’m actually proud of these stories and c) well.. come on… it’s Friday before Thanksgiving break. Anyway, there were a few things to edit and shape up on the Epic Mineral Beauty story and one other source to add to the practically done Appalachian Trail piece. Oh, did I forget to mention that my Amy Stephenson Get Lost Bookshop artist story came out in print today?! Picked up a few copies on my way out : )
  • 2:30 Finished final edit of the Epic Mineral Beauty story. It’s set to publish on Tuesday! Yay!
  • 3:15 Finished editing the Appalachian Trail story but couldn’t get ahold of the second source. Oh well.
  • 3:15-3:30 Packed like the speed of light
  • 3:30 Left for airport after quick stop at Picklemans for a sandwich (girl’s gotta eat!)
  • 4:00 At airport.

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