Reporter film response

One of the ethical dilemmas that I noticed upon watching the documentary, Reporter, was knowing when to get involved and when not to. I thought it was interesting how Nick had the ability to make thousands of people sympathize with the men and women in his columns when he tried to remain unemotional himself.

I think this came across especially when the doctor decided to get involved with the starving woman. She felt like she was crossing an ethical boundary by helping her but at the same time, how could she not bring a starving woman to a hospital? When she asked Nick what he thought as they were on the way to the hospital, I could see the dilemma playing through his mind. I think he wanted to tell her not to help the woman, but human instinct pushed him to help her. Turns out, this decision awarded him the “prime subject” he had been searching for in his story.

The hardest thing for me would be to walk the line between getting emotionally involved and providing non-judgmental reporting. While he clearly struggles at some points, Nick does an really good job of finding this medium and that is why, I believe, he’s so good at writing these kinds of columns.


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